25 Gifts On the 25th Anniversary, “So the Baker May Win”

Global reference in the yeast industry Lesaffre is celebrating its 25 years of business with Turkish bakers by presenting 25 unique gifts, under the slogan “So the Baker May Win”.
Between October 15th – December 30th, Lesaffre is giving the chance to win prizes on campaign products: For every 100TL of purchases, 1 Ford Transit Custom, 10 Vestel LED Tv’s, 10 iPhone 7’s and 4 Mataş Bread Slicing Machines can be won.

Lesaffre Turquie, having offered professional yeast varieties, bread developers, bread mixes and yeasted ready mixes in Turkey since 1992, as well as contributing to the development of the bakery industry in Turkey, is celebrating its 25th year with Turkish bakers by saying “May the Baker Win”, and by issuing 25 unique presents.

Between the dates of 15th October – 30th December, Lesaffre will enter bakers into a draw, wherein they will have the chance to win prizes for purchases made from Lesaffre dealers over 100TL or more, for the purchase of Özmaya, Hasmaya, Canmaya, Lesafmaya brand wet yeasts or Inventis, Pulso, Topmix branded products. Allowing one chance at the draw per purchase, Lesaffre will be giving out 1 Ford Transit Custom, 10 Vestel LED TV’s, 10 iPhone7’s and 4 Mataş Bread Slicing Machines to winners.

Bakers will be able to join the draw from firincikazansin.com web site, on which the campaign details are located. The results of the draw, which will take place on the 8th of January 2018, will be made available on the 8th of January 2018 on the same website.

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