Quality and Health Starts with Yeast

Yeast, which is frequently used in almost every household in bread and pastry- loving Turkey, contains 50% protein in addition to vitamin B and minerals such as iron, chrome, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. The Baking Center General Manager Ayten Çalışkan also says that quality bread can be traced to quality yeasts.

While holding the title of being the oldest and most important source of nutrition for humanity, bread is no less significant in Turkey, where it is consumed in record breaking quantities. According to WHO data, the population of Turkey derives around 40% of their daily energy intake from bread.

Because of this fact, it is particularly important that such a staple food product be of good quality, nutritious and hygienic; this is where yeasts, the foundation block of breadmaking, come into play. Bread Center General Manager Ayten Çalışkan, speaking during the World Bread Day events, explained that Turkey entered the Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2000, for per capita bread consumption that year reached 199.6 kg. Çalışkan also added that in addition to being found in almost every household, yeast contains 50% protein along with vitamin B, iron, chrome, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.

Çalışkan also stated: “Bread is a staple food item in our country. At a bread production facility, the quality of flour and yeast being used must be of utmost high quality; this is critical for hygienic and healthy bread production. Accordingly, as Baking Center Lesaffre, we are ready to convey our 163 years of experience to those interested. To be concise, the Baking Center was founded in 1974 and is the first technical baking center in the world. At present, it is continuing its operations worldwide in 33 centers. One of these centers is our center in Istanbul. Our laboratories, application center and yeast production facilities and R&D center are all constantly working to test yeasts, analyze ingredients and flour as well as develop new products (industrial and retail).

Çalışkan further stated that the Lesaffre Middle East and Mid-Asian Baking Center, located in Istanbul, not only gives technical support and consultancy services in 17 regional countries, but also helps develop a more qualified workforce and a better developed baking sector through its training programmes.

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