Fontana Liquid Yeast has been developed for enterprises with high yeast consumption, with the purpose of rendering the use of yeast in the production process more practical, as well as of ensuring efficiency and hygiene in production.

The Fontana Liquid Yeast system basically consists of the cold room in your enterprise and a 400-lt (420-kg) tank for liquid yeast.

Fontana Liquid Yeast;

Reduces your labor cost.
Saves time.
Ensures optimization in amount of usage.
Is very easy to transport and store.


You can fill the liquid yeast gauging bucket with any amount of liquid yeast you like using the dosage valve and incorporate the product into the dough easily. The amount to be used may vary depending on the formula, the process, and the quality of the flour. For 100 kg of flour, a ratio of maximum 4% is recommended.


A 400-lt (420-kg) food-grade stainless steel tank.


Fontana Liquid Yeast is to be preserved in the cold room installed in your enterprise. The cold room is formed by 8-cm polyurethane panels and the product is preserved in this room under the most appropriate conditions up till the production process.

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