Frigo Liquid Yeast is a system developed to integrate high-production industrial bakeries with the advantages of liquid yeast.

The Frigo Liquid Yeast system, which is a fully-automated system, ensures that the yeast stored in the cold room is consistently maintained within the cold chain until it is incorporated into the dough.


Yeast is automatically pumped into the boiler in the amount that you have specified on the control panel. In this way, the usage of yeast in each boiler is ensured to be in the same amount whereby your production can be standardized.

The amount to be used may vary depending on the formula, the process, and the quality of the flour. For 100 kg of flour, a ratio of maximum 4% is recommended.


1.000 lt (1050 kg) food-grade polyethylene tank with high strength and endurance.


Frigo Liquid Yeast is preserved under the most appropriate conditions in the cold room installed in your enterprise up till the production process.

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