Kastalia is an integrated liquid yeast system which will continuously provide cold yeast in your production process, impove your production processes, and thereby enhance the quality of your bread.

You no longer need to bring yeast from the cold room. Mount the unit beside your mixer and use cold yeast anytime you like. You can easily gauge the amount of yeast that you would like to use and produce a better performance owing to the homogenious diffusion of liquid yeast.


Mount the refrigerating unit beside your mixer and position the liquid yeast bag in the right place. Fill the liquid yeast gauging container with the amount of liquid yeast that you need using the dosage valve.

The amount to be used may vary depending on the formula, the process, and the quality of the flour. For 100 kg of flour, a ratio of maximum 4% is recommended.


BIB(Bag in Box) of 22 kg placed in the refrigerating unit.


It is recommended that the product be kept at a temperature from 0 °C to +4 °C in order for the quality of the product to be preserved.

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