Lesafmaya Compressed Fresh Yeast has a very broad application range. It is suitable for use in traditional bread-making, industrial bread-making (with fully automatic lines  fermentation or controlled fermentation), and frozen bread production.

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The amount to be used may vary depending on the formula, the process, and the quality of the flour.

For 100 kg of flour, a ratio of maximum 5% is recommended. You may incorporate the product into the dough by dissolving it in water or by crumbling it, as desired.


24 packs of 500 g each, in 12 kg cardboard boxes
12 packs of 1.000 g each, in 12 kg cardboard boxe


It is recommended that the product be kept at a temperature from 0 °C to +4 °C in order for the quality of the product to be preserved. The maximum acceptable temperature for the product to have is 10 °C.

Under the above-mentioned storage conditions, the shelf-life of the product is 40 days.