Potassium extracts, namely Potex, is utilized as raw material in the production of compound fertilizers. It is also used in microirrigation systems and/or in the preparation of the upper layer of the soil, namely the tarf, due to the fact that it melts very easily. The product may also well be used as fertilizer in the agriculture of all kinds of vegetables and fruits, along with field crops.
The beige-colored fertilizer of potassium sulphate in the form of powder serves as an excellent source to meet the need for potassium in greenhouses in the agriculture of all kinds of cultivated plants, especially of vegetables and fruits, owing to its high solubility.


Because of the fact that Potex is in the form of powder, it is provided to plants by way of surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, or microirrigation systems through irrigating the soil following the sprinkling of the product onto the soil, through blending it with the soil after sprinkling it onto the soil by itself or along with other fertilizers, or through melting it in water.
In the last-mentioned method, the user needs to prepare beforehand, a solution of concentration of 5%, meaning, 5 kg of Potex plus 95 liters of water.
The standard dose is 25 to 50 kg of the product for 1 decare of land. This dose may be doubled or tripled according to need, with plants having a high need for potassium, such as potatoes, beets, bananas, and citrus trees, as well as in soil which is poor in terms of potassium content.


Bag of 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 kg.


The product may be transported on flatbed trucks. It should be noted that the product needs to be preserved from external factors during storage.

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