Yuva Maya, bringing savor to bayram feasts

With the motto “Not exaggerating, just leavening”, Yuva is offering special recipes for Ramadan. If you would like to access these recipes and turn your dinner table into a feast, simply follow the Yuva Club page on Facebook or Instagram.

The greatest assistant to housewives, Yuva is bringing delicate tastes to the pastry realm, along with the motto “Not exaggerating, just leavening”. Yuva is offering tried and true recipes for pastries, breads and desserts on its social media pages to those seeking to enrich their culinary baking experience: https://www.facebook.com/yuvaclub and http://instagram.com/yuvaclub

From bread to dessert, pastries to börek, those searching for special baking recipes are now able to reach them with a single click. With Yuva’s recipes, you will be able to prepare a variety of pastries and Ramadan desserts at home, and add new flavors to your table. For instance, here is Yuva’s practical Rose Dessert recipe:

Ingredients (serves 6)

5 and a half cups of flour (600g)

1 pack Yuva Instant Dry Yeast (11g) or 1 pack Yuva Wet Yeast (42g)

1 cup of cooking oil (60g) (half for the dough, the other half for slathering the dough while preparing it)

1 glass of orange soda (200g)

3 eggs

1 orange (rind and juice)

For the syrup

4 glasses of water (680g)

4 glasses of sugar (700g)

1-2 drops of lemon juice


Boil the water and sugar, add the lemon juice and let cool. In a suitable container, mix your flour, yeast, soda, cooking oil, orange juice and rind as well as your eggs. Mix thoroughly until the mixture is homogenous, and at the consistency of an earlobe, divide into four parts. Grease the four parts with cooking oil, and flatten using a rolling pin. Cut off thin slices from its side, and roll them up. Continue this process until the dough is finished. Lay out all the rolled up pieces of dough on an oiled tray, and let sit for 30-40 minutes at room temperature. Then cook them in a preheated oven at 150-160 C for 35- 40 minutes. After cooking, drizzle the pastries with the cold syrup that was prepared. Serve chilled.


You will have better results if all your ingredients are at room temperature.

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