Lesaffre Marks its Presence with its Innovative Products at IBATECH

Lesaffre made a spectacular launch of its innovative products and bakingsolutions, developed with over 165 years of experience, at Turkey’s only baking technologies exhibition IBATECH. Unmatched in the field and specifically developed for industrial producers, the liquid yeast production line was undoubtedly the center of attention.

A global reference in the yeast sector, Lesaffre promoted its latest line of products and solutions, focusing on mid-size and large scale bakeries and industrial producers.

In the exhibition, often described as the beating heart of the baking and pastries industry, all eyes were on Lesaffre’s Automatic Liquid Yeast Production Line, designed for large-scale producers.

Widely appraised by visiting attendees and unmatched in its area, the Automatic Liquid Yeast Line enables greater efficiency through improved automatization. In addition to enabling completely mechanized yeast production, the line saves time, is hygienic, safe and practical.

Along with the Automatic Liquid Yeast Line, Lesaffre unveiled other products and brands at the exhibit. The İnventis, Özmaya and Pulso brands faced visitors with their renewed characteristics. The Inventis brand Whole Wheat Mixer, Dark Rustic Bread Mix, Spiced Bread Mix and Dark Bread Mix were presented at IBATECH.

Livendo’s sourdough culture (starter), introduced to the market in order to present the best sourdough solutions for bakers and release their creativity, along with deactive sourdoughs and sourdough-based mixtures were among the products that were exhibited. Additionally, visitors were able to sample exquisite breads with a variety of aromas prepared from Inventis and Livendo, at the Lesaffre exhibit stand Baking Center.

One of Lesaffre’s new products, Livendo sourdough culture enables the preparation of sourdough in a single process within 24 hours with ease. By removing complex processes required to freshen traditionally prepared sourdough, Livendo sourdough culture guarantees high performance and a standard consistency of “sourness”. Another new product, Livendo deactive sourdough, which is produced from flour fermented with sourdough bacteria, enables bakers to customize their products by creating a personal culinary and artistic signature. Livendo sourdough-based mixes, on the other hand, enable the artisan to attain very rich aromas through a wide variety of products.

Lesaffre also presented Pulso Control and Pulso Gold to the audience; the products were formulated to tackle problems faced by pre-cooked and fully cooked / frozen product manufacturers. Pulso Control, which allows bakers to perform controlled (low temperature), long fermentation runs, also eliminates bubbling, volume and splitting issues. In increasing the durability and flexibility of the dough, Pulso Control helps bread to obtain a volume and golden, smooth crust that does not subside after baking.

Pulso Gold is a dough starter that is specially formulated for part-baked or fully baked products. As well as preventing shrinkage and volumetric loss complications at the final baking stage, Pulso Gold slows down the emission of water during its frozen shelf-life, thereby preventing flaking of the exterior shell.

Lesaffre’s deactive yeast Baker’s Bonus was also freshly unveiled at IBATECH. With Baker’s Bonus, dough prepared from high quality flours with a strong gluten structure will have increased flexibility, faster maturation and easier handling/processing characteristics.

Baker’s Bonus, which circumvents tearing, disintegration and shrinkage problems during shaping, gives greater pan-flow properties to the dough. As a completely clean label product, Baker’s Bonus can be used to make hamburger and sandwich bread, dough leaves, baguettes, biscuits, baclava, börek, pita, lawash, tortillas and bread dough. Explaining that as Lesaffre, they are addressing the most important needs of professionals by their solutions, Lessafre Domestic Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Pınar Çakır, had this to say about the exhibition: “This year is very important to us because we have been in the Turkish market since 1992, but this is the first fair that we have participated in. Our purpose is first to contribute to the development of the market and present products that are in demand. In that manner, we have taken our place here at IBATECH to fulfill the needs of mid-scale and large bakeries and industrial producers with our products. In the near future, we are planning on introducing a consumer product to the market as well. Under the brand, Yuva Maya our sourdough yeast will take its place on the shelves very soon.”

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