Baker’s Bonus RS 190 Deactivated Yeast

Baker’s Bonus RS 190 Deactivated Yeast

This is a product that provides flexibility especially in dough prepared with quality flour having a strong gluten structure. Baker’s Bonus, which is a completely natural product, namely, a ‘clean-label’ product, can be used with confidence in place of L-cysteine, protease, and sodium metabisulfite. It guarantees standardized quality in your production processes.

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Depending on the recipe and the quality of the flour, it is recommended that Baker’s Bonus be used by a ratio of 0.1% to 0.3% of the weight of the flour, namely, 100 g to 300 g for 100 kg of flour.


Bag of 25 kg made out of kraft paper, with inner sachet made of polyethylene.


Please keep in a cool and dry place.


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