Livendo Whole Wheat Active Liquid Sourdough

Livendo Whole Wheat Active Liquid Sourdough

Livendo Whole Wheat Active Liquid Sourdough is an active extracted from whole wheat flour, meaning that it is sourdough liquid in which sourdough bacteria and yeast are alive. It consists of natural sourdough bacteria, yeast and fermented flour. It has been produced with the combination of high-quality sourdough bacteria and yeast strains under hygienic conditions. That’s why it guarantees the quality of final product.

It is developed for the production of sourdough bread with traditional method along with long term fermentation. That means they are breads with long fermentation time (min 4-5 hours) while using little yeasts and utilizing bacteria that produce sourdough aroma. It is ready to use. It saves you from preparing traditional sourdough by spontaneous method. You do not need to invest in equipment to prepare spontaneous sourdough. It eliminates the problems of having the same flavor in the bread prepared with spontaneous sourdough, because it is in the liquid form, it is distributed easily and homogeneously to the dough.

With Livendo Whole Wheat Active Liquid Sourdough, you can bake bread with different taste, fragrance, and appearance by producing different aroma in different flour blend and recipe; so, you can bake sourdough breads special to your bakery and yourself.

Customers will experience health and taste with Livendo – the first and only active liquid sourdough suitable for real sourdough bread with Turkey’s traditional method.


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    You can add Livendo Whole Wheat Liquid Sourdough directly into the flour. The recommended dose is from 5% to 15% flour based, varying by the reference and the required aroma intensity. (For 100 kg of flour, 1 to 5 kg of the product)


    5 kg inside a HDPE bin suitable for food.


    Store between 0 ° C and 4 ° C in its original packaging. The shelf life is 60 days after its production date.


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