VIPTORAL, which is a post treatment product of yeast production, is also ruminant feed. It is used as compound feedstock for cattle and also as feed binding in the form of pellets and powder. It is an ideal feed supplement for ruminants, owing to its high crude protein and reduced potassium level resulting from its all-soluble nitrogen content.


The product is injected in the compound feed, in compound feed plants, using molasses injecting machines, the way molasses is injected.
It should be incorporated into the compound feed in the following ratio: 40 to 80 kg of the product for 1 ton of compund feed, pursuant to the formula of the compound feed and the needs of the producer.
The product may be used by itself as well as by way of blending it with molasses in various ratios.


It is transported by way of tanker trucks. It may well be preserved in liquid stock tanks until usage.