Yuva Poğaça Mix

Yuva Poğaça Mix

From now on, you can easily bake delicious buns which are not short of the buns that you see in cafes. Yuva Bun- and-Savory-Bun Mix enables you to bake buns and savory buns of the same unmatched deliciousness each time you need them, in a fast and practical way only by adding water and oil in it.


Yuva Poğaça Mix, which already includes yeast in it, is presented in practical ready-to-use packs. You only need to add water and oil to it.


10 cases of 450 g each, in 4.5-kg cardboard boxes.


Keep the product in a cool and dry place at a temperature of maximum 25°C.
Under the above-mentioned storage conditions, the shelf-life of the product is 1 (one) year.

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